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Hettich Benelux B.V. produces en distributes hypothermia heating chambers.

Hypothermia is a condition of the body with abnormally low body temperature, for example, as a result of exposure to the weather conditions or by immersion in cold water. It may also occur during or following certain surgical procedures. The term hypothermia/heating stands for preventing these low body temperature during surgery. This requires IV fluids at body temperature and possible blankets or bedcovers stored at 60°C.

9 May 2014 13:01

Hettich Benelux Hypothermia heating chamber


  • Specially developed for surgery rooms
  • Available as a built-in or freestanding model
  • Dimensions customer-specific to determine
  • Hypothermia heating chamber available with door or drawers
  • Thanks to an air exhaust, no air is blown into the surgery room
  • Available for infusion liquids (37 °C), flanel or blankets (60 °C), medications (4 °C), and combinations thereof
  • Built-in models have completely smooth finish, with declining handles and controllers
  • Meets the technical requirements and electronics requirements of the surgery room
  • Meets 93/42 EEC requirement
  • Already installed in many Dutch surgery rooms