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Hettich Benelux B.V. levert een breed assortiment koelkasten en vriezers van Hettich Benelux en de merken Gram, Helmer, Hettich en Liebherr.

Hettich Benelux Multi Purpose Cabinets

9 Apr 2014 9:36

Hettich ESP (Elbanton Special Products)

Elbanton Special Products ESP refrigerator/freezerHettich ESP (Elbanton Special Products) laboratory refrigerators and freezers

  • Available in 650, 1400 and 2x225 liter
  • Temperature laboratory refrigerators 4°C-15°C
  • Temperature laboratory freezers -25°C-0°C
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Optional interior Elbanton Special Products (ESP) drawers, shelves, grids, and also custom made interior
  • Multiple units can be combined to one refrigerator/freezer wall
9 Sep 2014 15:46

230V Pass-Thru refigrerators



  • Doors on front and back to enable access from both sides 

  • Often placed with one side in a clean-room environment

  • Constant temperature monitoring for storing compounded sterile preparations

  • User interface and evaporation tray vent are located on the 'non clean-room' environment

Pass-thru brochure

25 Jul 2013 17:14


Gram Bioline consists of the series BioPlus, BioMidi, BioCompact, BioCompact II, BioBlood en BioUltra. The cabinets make use of a special airflow and have low energy consumption.

Why choose a laboratory refrigerator/freezer?

8 Apr 2014 10:45

Gram -86°C Ultra low freezer

Gram BioUltra UL570Gram BioUltra UL570 ultra low freezer
The Gram  -86°C ultra low upright freezer has a volume of 570 liters and a standard interior of five stainless steel perforated shelves.

Gram BioUltra UL570


7 Nov 2016 12:00

Labogene Scanvac Snowbird

Labogene Scanvac Snowbird
The Snowbird is a -90 degrees ultra low freezer with a low noice level and very small power consumption of less than 400 W.

More information


25 Jul 2013 17:18


The Liebherr Mediline is designed for professional laboratory use. The cabinets have low energy consumption.