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ERLAB For more than 40 years worldwide leader in laboratory ductless filtration fume hoods. All Erlab products comply with the most stringent filtration and containment standards. At the forefront of the green movement, all the products, beginning with the development of the first ductless fume hood in 1968, are special in that they are free of any ducted airflow system, thereby eliminating the large amounts of energy required for air supply and extraction.

By filtering toxic chemicals, Erlab/captair systems prevent pollutants from being released into the atmosphere and reduce their environmental impact.

Erlab/captair hoods are in many cases a better solution than the traditional hood for both storage and working with solvents and / or powders. For protecting your products from dust, bacteria, yeast, RNA / DNA, etc. we have various application ERLAB-possibilities. By making use of the best HEPA filters the systems conform to various standards. Such as AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009, DIN12927 and BS7989.

ERLAB is a unique product when it comes to the protection of the environment. Not only prevent these systems that chemicals come in the air, but they also achieve enormous energy savings.

Furthermore the company produces equipment for monitoring and cleaning the air in the laboratory.

Halo Smart is a laboratory air filtration system.
Halo Sense Smart is an air quality sensor.


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