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Hettich Benelux B.V. is specialized in designing, producing, installing and maintaining climate controlled equipment. With these products we serve the medical, bio-process, chemical, pharmaceutical as well as the food industryFurthermore, our equipment is regularly used in various educational institutions.

In addition to providing standard solutions Hettich ESP has a respected name for its customer-specific approach. This personal approach has led that Hettich ESP has developed and manufactured a large number of products for specific applicationswhere climate plays an important roleOur people are experienced and have over the years built up a lot of knowledgewhich makes us really be abletogether with you,  to achieve the best possible result.

Hettich Benelux BV has its own technical departmentthat can install, maintain and repair the equipment at your location.

To make Hettich ESP  products we apply a workflowThis means that after the customers agreement on the quoted equipment, a project meeting is organized and after that we make the exact digital drawings and specifications to start productionApproval from the customer is needed before.

After production of the Hettich ESP product, the customer can perform a factory acceptance test (FAT) before delivery.

Hettich Benelux B.V. has developed and produced under the name of Elbanton Special Products various laboratory equipmentsuch as (cooled-) incubators, refrigerators and freezers, climate chambers/cabinetswater- and oil baths, dairy testing equipment e.g. Moplant, powdercabinets and data acquisition software.

No size is too big or too small and almost any adjustment is possibleHettich Benelux B.V. your specialist in customized products.

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